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The last of us part 2(my opinion)

Posted by TheInternetover9000 - 1 month ago


I finished The Last of Us part 2 and here are my thoughts. Overall gameplay has improved since the last game. The melee has been improved upon with a better dodge mechanic and an easier way to switch between attacking opponents. The Guns work pretty much the same as part 1, except there are more guns and modifications for said guns. And graphics are always going to look better when the sequel comes out 7 years after the first. Being a naughty dog game some aspects are similar/identical to the uncharted series. Now onto the big thing people hate this game for; The story. Short Recap: Joel goes out with Tommy and gets stranded with a lady named Abby, Abby brings Joel and Tommy back to her hideout with her friends and proceeds to beat Joel to death with a golf club(Ellie was forced to watch.) Ellie goes on a revenge quest after Abby, and Tommy, You play as Ellie for a good 10 hours as 3 days pass in Seattle. You get to the end of day 3 and you find Abby. As soon as you find Abby it cuts to you playing as Abby. This is where you will play as Abby for 15 more hours. With flashbacks scattered among the present you play through Seattle days 1-3 as Abby. There’s a side plot about the Scars(a sort of faction) you finally get to the end of day 3 and instead of getting the fight you’ve been waiting for the WHOLE GAME, you fight Ellie as Abby. Abby spares Ellie and goes on her way. You get to play as Ellie again, finally, and you start tracking Abby again. Abby is kidnapped but the Rattlers(another faction) Ellie absolutely demolishes the rattlers killing most of them and finds Abby tied to a pole, left for dead; cuts her down, throws her loaded gun into a boat and tries to fist fight Abby. Abby is reluctant to fight but does so anyways. Ellie is drowning Abby and Abby bites off Ellie’s finger. Ellie spares her because “killing is wrong.”

the story starts strong but goes south due to bad writing. The ending is unsatisfactory and makes no sense. I give the Last of Us part 2 a solid 8/10. Worth playing if you enjoyed the first one.



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I will play Witcher 3 again instead.